Review Guidelines


Merry Merry Board Games is a website that introduces board game products in an easy-to-understand way from the following two perspectives:

We will review board games from the perspective of whether they can be enjoyed even with two players.

We understand that there are many people who are wondering “I heard that this board game is fun with three players, but how is it with two players?” or “I want to play board games with my spouse, but I don’t know what to buy.”

We want to help you find the perfect board game for you by providing clear and concise reviews of board games that can be enjoyed with two players.

Play diaries
We will also provide fun and exciting descriptions of the actual atmosphere and realism of board games for those who want to know what it’s like to actually play a board game that they are considering buying or who want to see someone else enjoying a board game.

We hope that you will find this website to be a valuable resource for your board game hobby.

Our target readers

Beginner to advanced board game players
Board game enthusiasts
People who don’t know anything about board games
We produce articles that are relevant to these readers, and we review many trendy products.

We write our articles in a neutral and easy-to-understand manner, and we hope that our readers find our articles helpful.

Review Guidelines

All review articles written on 『MerryMerryBoaedGames』 are based on personal experience.

The fun and enjoyment of board games can vary from person to person, so please view them as a reference only.

If a product is provided by a company, the article will state that it was “provided” or “loaned”.

Even if a product is provided by a company, we will not show any favoritism and will honestly review it based on our own experience.

We will also mention whether the product is fun for two players and any other concerns, and summarize them in a table based on our own evaluation criteria.

About PR articles

We post articles that are in collaboration with companies with the label “PR” in the title.

We only collaborate with products that we think are good, and we always include a section in the article that lists the “good points” and “concerns” of the product.